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Gullible's Travels

The original short attention span theater

10 October 1970
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My journal is a mix of photos (which you can see here as well as in my LJ), and random musings (which don't make it to the home site).

Sometimes, I'm interesting. Often, I'm random. I, like commas.

You can get a better idea of who I am by reading my journal, so go already!
1st weekend of march, 80's music, 80s music, alcohol, alton brown, art, backpacking, beach, beaches, beer, being parenthetical, being surprised, biking, books, breaking patterns, buffy the vampire slayer, burning man, burningman, california, calvin and hobbes, candles, chaos, chaos and order, charisma, cheese cake, chocolate, civil liberties, coffee, cognitive science, comedy, concerts, conversation, conversations, convertibles, cooking, creating, creativity, crowds, cunning linguistics, dark chocolate, daydreaming, dirty minds, diversity, dominating, eating, eating with chopsticks, eighties music, ender's game, ethics, exotic food, fantasy, fire, flirting, food, force of will, fractals, freedom, friends, games, gaming, girls, greek mythology, harry potter, hiking, intelligence, irony, joy, kayaking, kissing, language, languages, laughter, linguistics, linux, lips, lois mcmaster bujold, love, loving, math, mathematics, monty python, music, nature, night, order, partying, patterns, peanut butter cups, performing, philosophy, photography, physics, piercings, playing, polycon, pondering, programming, punk, punk rock, pushing the edge, puzzles, python, rain, reading, really hot hot sauces, rock n' roll, role playing games, role-playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, san francisco, san luis obispo, sandman, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science-fiction, sex, silence, slo.punks, smart blondes, smart people, social engineering, socializing, software, star gazing, staying up late, steven brust, sun, sunsets, sunshine, sushi, swimming, tea, thai food, the cure, the princess bride, the stars, the who, theology, thinking, titanium battle sporks, tori amos, traveling, vanilla, wandering, wine, wiz-war, women, world domination